The mantra "content is king" is often repeated in the world of SEO. Search engines love high-quality content, and your website visitors appreciate it too. Over the last couple of years, Google has become much more proficient at indexing a wide variety of content, including video, image and audio content and PDFs, in addition to plain old HTML. Users are becoming more demanding, and they like to have the option of enjoying their content in several different forms. In many niches, if you aren't running a video series or a podcast your brand may as well not exist.

Development of Quality Content

Every brand should have a presence online and on social media. However, simply having a profile is not enough. You must learn how to leverage it effectively. One of the biggest problems faced by brands trying to establish themselves online is that they start promoting their websites when there isn't enough content there to keep consumers interested. Twitter status updates become out of date in minutes, and even Facebook posts have a life span of just 18 hours. For this reason, you should save your updates for the time when they will have the most impact, and that means a time when you have high-quality content for consumers to see.

Another common issue faced by businesses is inconsistent content delivery. This means either a spotty posting schedule or a disconnect between what the content is supposed to be and what is actually delivered. This issue often arises when a company decides to pursue an aggressive posting schedule, or run a web series tackling a certain issue. The people assigned the task of handling content creation may run out of ideas or find they don't have enough time to complete the job professionally, and they then decide to upload some generic, poor-quality content on the basis that any content is good for SEO. One or two poor posts may not have much impact on your website, but if you make a habit of uploading "made for search engines" content then you will alienate your core audience.

Strategic Content Scheduling

Ideally, you should have an optimum researched posting schedule for your niche and deployed channels that you can stick to, and you should upload a mixture of video, image and text content to your website. That content should be augmented by posts to the major social networks, meaning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you are not active on those social networks, start building a profile today. It takes time to build up an active, healthy-looking profile, and every day you spend without a social media presence is time that your competitors can use to secure their dominance in your niche.

Digital content creation is one of the specialities of Sussex Websites. We aim to help local businesses with their content creation strategy and also to help them establish themselves on social media. Whether you are looking to promote yourself to customers in the Sussex area or grow your brand into a more national phenomenon, we can help you to build the perfect content strategy.