Search engines work with algorithms to evaluate websites by topic and relevance. On this basis the search engines create a structure for the total of all pages in the search engine index, which finally results in a best possible ranking for users’ search queries. The criteria for the evaluation of websites and the production of this ranking are generally referred to as ranking factors.

50 Essential SEO Ranking Factors, Tips and Tricks

1. Check competition for keywords.

2. Determine strategy for keywords.

3. Keywords in URL.

4. Keyword in title tag.

5. Keyword in meta description.

6. Descriptive URLs.

7. Keyword density.

8. Keyword prominence.

9. Remove broken or dead links.

10. Link out to relevant websites and blogs.

11. Link diversity.

12. Link location on page.

13. Natural link profile.

14. Keyword tracking.

15. Avoid unnatural influx of links.

16. Good content length.

17. Don’t spin content.

18. Ensure clarity.

19. Alt image tags.

20. High quality images.

21. Optimise your website.

22. Easy navigation.

23. Quality content.

24. Submit website to search engines/directories.

25. Integrate social sharing.

26. Number of tweets.

27. Legitimacy of social media accounts.

28. Number of facebook likes.

29. Create a mobile friendly website.

30. Set-up a useful 404 error page.

31. HTML errors/WC3 validation.

32. User engagement.

33. Video optimisation.

34. Avoid major content in PDF or flash.

35. Generate quality backlinks.

36. Website structure.

37. Fast website speed.

38. Page structure.

39. Number of pages.

40. Remove duplicate content.

41. Website improvements.

42. Don't buy links.

43. Authorship.

44. Localise content.

45. Branded searches.

46. Site updates.

47. Longer time on site.

48. Aim to be top 3.

49. Server relative geo-location.

50. Repeat traffic authority signal.