Google's Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithm changes have all contributed to the integration of Social media into SEO. With the SEO industry evolving with new techniques content marketing and extensive social media campaigns are becoming increasingly more important.

Social Media Targeting

Social media campaigns offer companies the chance to reach a highly targeted network of consumers. Instead of simply optimising a website to reach customers at the point where they plan to make a purchase, companies can build relationships with prospective consumers and nurture leads, even creating demand where it may not have existed. Using social networks, Sussex-based companies can reach nearby consumers and grow their influence by networking with and rewarding local thought leaders within their niche.

Social media covers a much broader range of websites and apps than simply Facebook and Twitter. Media-sharing services such as Instagram, Pinterest and the video equivalent Vine are growing in popularity and there are many niche-specific social networks that companies may wish to target as well. Developing a knowledge of those social networks is essential if you want to reach the best-converting customers.

Paid vs. Free Social Media Marketing

It is possible to build up a good presence on social media organically, but this will take a large time investment. Business owners can accelerate the growth of their social media presence through paid advertising campaigns. The social media marketing options offered by Facebook are particularly impressive and powerful. They offer detailed metrics and narrow targeting options which allow marketers to reach consumers based on age, gender, location, interests, marital status, their choice of smartphone or desktop operating system and more. These targeting options ensure that no advertising money is ever wasted, as only people who are highly likely to be interested in your social media advertisements will see them.

Social media can be a fast and fluid medium, and it is a two-way communication channel. This is one thing that many business owners forget. Once you have built up a large network of fans or followers, you must engage with them. This means posting new content and responding to their questions or comments. It is this part of running social media campaigns that is the downfall of many companies that are new to online marketing. One mistake or misinterpreted comment can do a lot of damage to your brand's reputation.

Many businesses hire social media managers to do the day-to-day work of looking after their online presence. These community managers clean up spam, answer questions and keep the community engaged with competitions, questions, jokes and marketing messages. By exposing your social media followers to your brand regularly, your marketing messages will be more impact.

Social media is just one part of the SEO equation. You will still need a clean, responsive and easy-to-use website, and good content to go with it. Each element needs to be in place to ensure maximum response.