To understand why you need a fully bespoke website we must first explore the alternatives to determine the advantages of going fully bespoke. WordPress is a lesser alternative to a fully bespoke site. It is a free piece of software created originally for making blogs and is relatively easy to setup and install without using website developers. However there are some large disadvantages when using WordPress templates as commercial websites.

Website Security

WordPress is a vulnerable system which is regularly hacked. Take into account that it also offers slow performance and requires continual technical attention you have to question whether it is a good choice to use this software for business. Once a website has been hacked it can be exceptionally difficult to fix.

Despite the fact that WordPress regularly release updates to fix security issues, it can be time consuming to keep updating the software to be secure and the updates will need to be done by someone with technical experience, which can incur more costs. When you have a problem with your WordPress site you will be unable to contact an official development team as there is not one (being a free piece of software). Alternatively, with a fully bespoke website full support is available as the web developer is proficient with his or her own code.

Unique Design for Business

WordPress has a set of design templates known as themes. With the majority of them similar in design and style, true originality is compromised. The advantage with a fully bespoke website is that it can be a truly original design built exactly to a clients unique specification.

Taking into consideration that a WordPress site will force you to make compromises with the design, security and operation of the site is WordPress truly the best platform for your unique business?

SEO Advantage

With a fully bespoke, custom built website you have true control over the granular elements of the code and it is fully optimised for SEO. Alternatively WordPress requires SEO plug-ins to help it be more SEO friendly and therefore the level of optimisation is limited.

WordPress has a lot of unused features which makes the code very 'bloated' effecting the speed at which your website operates. The speed of a website affects user experience as well as SEO. This is because your server is processing a lot more code than it needs to. A fully bespoke website will run more efficiently with no unnecessary 'bloated' code.

A website is often the first impression that people will see of your business so don't compromise quality over cost in choosing the right solution for your business.